mercoledì 25 maggio 2011

The Sparks - No.1 In Heaven

Late in 1979, Ron and Russell Mael teamed up with then-molten-hot Italian producer Giorgio Moroder and reinvented themselves as a synth duo.   Russell Mael made an important announcement to the music press:-  Sparks had abandoned guitars FOREVER.  This metamorphosis  proved to be short-lived, however, as a few years later, Ron and Russell were again working with a guitar-based rock band.
'No. One In Heaven' made it to number 73 in the UK charts and stayed in the Top 100 for just one week.  One could be forgiven, therefore, for concluding that the album isn't especially good.  This is clearly not the case.  In fact, not only is 'No. One In Heaven' an astonishingly good album, it is probably one of the most significant L.P. releases of the entire 1970s!  Numerous bands including Depeche Mode, New Order and Pet Shop Boys have cited this album as a major influence.  


Tryouts For The Human Race
Academy Award For Performance
La Dolce Vita
Beat The Clock
My Other Voice
The Number One Song In Heaven


martedì 17 maggio 2011

The Sick Rose - Llimited E.P. 2011

Let's go on fire!!!
From italy I'm proud to introduce to you The Sick Rose! One of the greatest garage revival's banda in the world.
This is a cover E.p, except for an original track.
I suggest you to listen to "resitance" a cover form "The Sound" original track. Really wonderful.


Something Better Change


McCarthy - Franz Hals 12"

"Frans Hals" was a single by McCarthy released in March 1987 their last on Pink Label. The b-sides were "The Fall", "The Fall (remix)" and "Kill Kill Kill Kill" and "Frans Hals (version)".
The single is not on any of the bands three studio albums. It can be found on the releases A La Guillotine and That's All Very Well But....
Dutch Golden Age painter Frans Hals was subject of the song. The lyrics were inspired by John Berger's comments on Hals in his book, Ways of Seeing.

Higly recommended! Especially "The Fall"


The Liars - Optical Sound

Hi everybody, I'm back after a long long break.
This time I would like to introduce you to The Liars, an 80's italian garage band.
This is rather an E.p. than an album and I really recommend it because the tracks are full of energy.
Italians do it better!!


She's Allright
That's In My Mind
Squeeze her, Tease Her
The Lady Knew
Changing Face


giovedì 11 novembre 2010

KRAFTWERK - THE MAN MACHINE (Skinflutes Vs. The Machines Remix)

Hi everybody. Again sorry for the lack of updates. Anyway here's a new mix for you. Continuing the Kraftwerk tribute here's my remix of Kraftwerk's classic "The Man Machine". I hope you like it.

The Man Machine - Rapidshare

sabato 28 agosto 2010

Kraftwerk - Music Non Stop (The SKinflutes Non Stop Remix)

Hi everybody. First of all I'm very sorry for the lack of updates for the last weeks but I've been really busy and the it came summer so....
Anyway I'm back with a new Skinflutes production.
Kraftwerk's Music Non Stop.
Hope You Like It.

Music Non Stop (Skinflutes Non Stop Remix) - Rapidshare

Music Non Stop (Skinflutes Non Stop Remix Radio Version) - Rapidshare

domenica 13 giugno 2010


Depeche Mode
The Skinflutes Remixes Vol.6

It's finally out. Months and months of hard work but this is my last effort for my favourite band of all time! Help to share this record all over the net because music shall be free and should make you feel better. I only ask you one thing. Please post your comments and opinions to make me improve my own work.

Pass: skin2010