sabato 16 gennaio 2010


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to 2010! Sorry for the lack of updates in these last days but I've been very busy. Anyway what a better occasion to start the new year the presenting you an outstanding album?
Here they are: The Sick Rose from Italy. This album was released in in the mid eighties but if you listen to it it could have been released in the mid sixties.
If you like fuzz, garage and new wave, this is the record for you. Vox guitars, farfisa organ make the right sound to dance and scream. So wear you dark glasses and your best jacket and start to move.


1 - Searching For
2 - It's A Mistery
3 - Nothing To Say
4 - Night Comes Falling Down
5 - I don't Care - She Doesn't Care
5 - I'm Not Trying To Hurt You
6 - Everybody Wants To Know
7 - You Got My Mind
8 - About You
9 - Balck Or White
10 - Can You Find Me A Place
11 - What You Are - Bad Girl
12 - Every Night A New Surprise
13 - Get Along Girl
14 - The Big Sound Goes Down
15 - Don't Come With Me


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