domenica 31 gennaio 2010


Hi everybody. Sorry for the few updates but I've been really busy. Anyway I'm proud to presents my first compilation: Darker Days Vol.1.
I've tried to collect all the songs that I like and that you will surely like too. These songs are catchy, immediate and will make move your feet. You will find rock, new wave, psychedelic rock, power pop, jangle pop and really RARE songs. New volumes will come in the future so stay tuned and please post your opinions about this compilation so that I can make the next volumes better!. Enjoy!

1 - The Connels - Darker Days
2 - Violent Femmes - Blister In The Sun
3 - The Gits - Happy Song
4 - The Long Ryders - Looking For Lewis And Clark
5 - Woodhead Munro - Mumbo Jumbo
6 - Wall Of Voodoo - Mexican Radio
7 - The Weather Prophets - Almost Prayed
8 - Camper Van Beethoven - Take The Skinheads Bowling
9 - Paul Collins & The Beat - Look But Don't Touch
10 - Psychedelic Furs - All That Money Wants
11 - The Comsat Angels - Independence Day
12 - The Fleshtones - American Beat
13 - Pylon - Stop It
14 - Tav Falco - Cuban Rebel Girl
15 - The Cuckoos - If
16 - The Mexican Spitfires - You Can't Run
17 - Martha & The Muffins - Echo Beach
18 - The Chesterfields - Sweet Revenge
19 - The Friendly Fires - Arkansas
20 - Echo & The Bunnymen - Stormy Weather


lunedì 25 gennaio 2010


UV Pop is actually the alter ego of John K. White. Before UV Pop he was in The I Scream Brothers who have a few cuts on compilations.

The first UV Pop release is the 'No Songs Tomorrow' 7" on PAX, one of the rarest of his releases. Next is the 'No Songs Tomorrow' LP on UK experimental label Flowmotion (Konstruktivits, Metamorphosis,...). This album gave UV Pop a cult status. This album was also issued in Belgium on Konnexion. Also on Flowmotion appeared the 'Anyone To Me' 7"/12".
The 'Bendy Baby Man' is the second full length of UV Pop, who became a full band now. This one was released on his own Extra Records label. On this label came also the very last release 'Music To Yeah To' 12".
The 'Serious' 12" was released on Native Records and offers two different versions of the track that appears on the 'Bendy Baby Man' LP.
This is really good stuff but unfortunately very rare or way too expensive to get my hands on. UV Pop have a cult following, so maybe it's time for some reissues.
Get more info on UV Pop on this German fansite.

Sorry for the quality but it's a vinily rip made not by myself.


1. Music To Yeah To

2. Don't Even Know Which Day It Is
3. No Songs Tomorrow
4. Feels Like Winter
5. Turkey Bones
6. Dots
7. Serious
8. Ghost In My House
9. Astronaught
10. Zuitar



Having embraced a more pop orientated direction, the Sound gave it their best shot with Shock Of Daylight, starting with the triumphant technicolor splash of "Golden Soldiers", all the while their gloom-rock assumed a more elegant and humane garb in "Longest Days", which was washed off in a melancholic stream in the paean "Counting The Days", and accompanied by minimal strumming and keyboards in "Winter" (the highlight). They also half embraced new-romanticism in the melodic funk-rock "A New Way Of Life" and the nocturnal "Dreams Then Plans". Emotion and melodies had replaced dark-punk edge.

01 - Golden Soldiers
02 - Longest Days
03 - Counting The Days
04 - Winter
05 - A New Way Of Life
06 - Dreams Then Plans

sabato 16 gennaio 2010


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to 2010! Sorry for the lack of updates in these last days but I've been very busy. Anyway what a better occasion to start the new year the presenting you an outstanding album?
Here they are: The Sick Rose from Italy. This album was released in in the mid eighties but if you listen to it it could have been released in the mid sixties.
If you like fuzz, garage and new wave, this is the record for you. Vox guitars, farfisa organ make the right sound to dance and scream. So wear you dark glasses and your best jacket and start to move.


1 - Searching For
2 - It's A Mistery
3 - Nothing To Say
4 - Night Comes Falling Down
5 - I don't Care - She Doesn't Care
5 - I'm Not Trying To Hurt You
6 - Everybody Wants To Know
7 - You Got My Mind
8 - About You
9 - Balck Or White
10 - Can You Find Me A Place
11 - What You Are - Bad Girl
12 - Every Night A New Surprise
13 - Get Along Girl
14 - The Big Sound Goes Down
15 - Don't Come With Me


mercoledì 6 gennaio 2010


The template for Nitzer Ebb had already been established some years earlier with D.A.F.'s thrilling, rough-yet-clean combination of dancefloor aggression, industrial noise, and lyrical imagery (and vocal stylings), suggesting a combination of fascist rally and hardcore male-bondage sex club. What the Douglas McCarthy/Bon Harris duo did on their first full album was to give it a distinctly English-language bent, as well as drawing on some of the further developments of EBM over time. If the resultant debut was a bit one-note as an overall release, the duo already showed a bent for making sure their concoctions were instantly memorable and undeniably thrilling. McCarthy's singing is less supple and more ear-piercingly harsh than Gabi Delgado's, say, but his seemingly odd quaver actually gives the band a unique stamp, delivering the slogan-like lyrics with the force of overwhelming command. Consider "Violent Playground," which could almost be a Soft Cell stomper with all the swooning romance completely pared away to leave nothing but brute homoerotic force (and appropriate volume). Harris' ear for beats and how to make them really crunch through doesn't let him down -- check out the huge, sudden metal door-slam rhythms on "Smear Body" for a particularly notable example of his ability. If there's a standout track from That Total Age, it would probably have to be "Join in the Chant," with McCarthy's clipped, elliptical words and delivery perfectly suited for the invigorating storm of drum hits and central bass part. That said, there's plenty of close competition, with the quick, frenetic surge of "Murderous," electronic bass and percussion barely in control as McCarthy roars, "Lift up your hearts!," and the equally impressive "Let Your Body Learn" with its use of vocal echo for maximum impact. The CD version includes three remixes as bonus tracks.


1 - Fitness To Purpose
2 - Violent Playground
3 - Muderous
4 - Smear Body
5 - Join In The Chant
6 - Alarm
7 - Let Your Body Learn
8 - Let Beauty Lose
9 - Into The Large Air
10 - Join In The Chant (Metal mix)
11 - Fitness To Purpose (Mix Two)
12 - Murderous (Instrumental)