giovedì 13 maggio 2010


The Mexican Spitfires were a Sydney Australia-based indie rock - indie pop band formed in suburban Strathfield in the Strathfield municipality in the mid 1980s. The band formed in 1986 and the original lineup consisted of Tim O'Reilly on bass and vocals, Michael Quinlan on rhythm guitar and vocals, Stephen McCowage on lead guitar, and Prince Conlan on drums; however, O'Reilly, Quinlan and McCowage had previously played together in the psychedelic 1960s-styled indie-pop band Prince Vlad & The Gargoyle Impalers.
In July 1986, The Mexican Spitfires played their first gig to a packed audience at the Lismore Hotel, located on Pitt Street in Sydney. They were discovered byRed Eye Records that same night and were subsequently signed to a record deal by that label. The band's debut six-track 12-inch EP Lupe Velez was released in 1988.  The first EP was an immediate success on the independent charts, moving straight into the top 5 in Sydney and scoring the band significant airplay on 2JJ , particularly for the songs "Sydney Town", "You Can't Run" and "Town Hall Steps". Lupe Velez received favourable reviews in Englgish Music magazine NME and in the Australian music press.
Personally I've loved this EP especially "You Can't Run" which is a memorable Pop song in a typical Aussie style. Good Good Good and really hard to find.


01 - Sydney Town
02 - You Can't Run
03 - Town Hall Steps
04 - Ivy Street
05 - Until
06 - Rockwood


P.s.: please rename track 03 called "Sydney Town" to "Town Hall Steps". Sorry For The inconvenience.

giovedì 6 maggio 2010


When Skywave broke up their members went on to form 2 bands. one was A Place To Bury Sttrangers, a band that anyone with decent taste in music or/and a soul likes by now. the other band was ceremony, a fucking amazing band similar to skywave and a place to bury strangers but with more of a joy division/new order influence (ceremony was also the name of the last joy division song, later released as new order's first single). this is their second album, highly recommended for any fan of the bands mentioned above. 11 tracks of post-punk basslines mixed with noisy guitars and fuzzy riffs with cold vocals and occasional synths.They sounds like jesus And Mary Chain even a little more electronic.
"A Cold Cold Night" is my fav song of the album: simply tragically beautiful. Enjoy


01. Dull Life
02. You Never Stay
03. Never Love Again
04. Nothing Inside
05. Cold Cold Night
06. Eurotrain
07. No Good for You
08. I Heard You Call My Name
09. Future
10. Without Your Love
11. Miss You



Hi, and welcome back to the Forgotten Orchard. Sorry for the lack of updates but here we are. This time I present you Flowers, an obscure New Wave Scottish band. There are no information about them except they've made 3 singles and here they are for you.
Sound very much closer to Joy Division. Enjoy!


Criminal Waste
After Dark
(Life) After Death
Balld Of Miss Demeanour
Tear Along