venerdì 9 ottobre 2009


Done as part of an ultimately failed distribution attempt in the country of the title, Amigos finds Reilly working very much in the mode of Another Setting, creating five fine pieces that combine his lovely guitar work with piano and other instruments. Though all titles are in Portuguese as well, nothing appears to be specifically about the country or its own musical style -- it's simply Reilly, working solo in this instance, creating some stripped-down work still with that typical hint of Durutti magic. The opening number, the title track itself, actually features some of the most active and busy piano he'd yet recorded, still with just enough control to make it slot in with the remainder of the music. Keyboards also dominate other tracks, including "Lisboa," one of his most straightforwardly beautiful (as opposed to darkly so) numbers, and the concluding waft of "Estoril A Noite."


Amigos Em Portugal

1. Amigos em Portugal
2. Small Girl By A Pool
3. Lisboa
4. Sara e Tristana
5. Estoril à Noite
6. Vestido Amarratado

Dedications For jacqueline

7. Wheels Turning
8. Lies Of Mercy
9. Saudade
10. Games Of Rhythm
11. Favourite Descending Intervals
12. To End With

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  1. Great blog!!! Keep on rocking!!! More Durutti Column will be appreciated as well as other more obscure new wave acts

  2. thank you so much for the chance to listen to this great - in my opinion one of reillys best - album again...and again!
    those were the days...