martedì 27 ottobre 2009


Ladies and gentleman here's an aboslutely MUST HAVE album. Flordemal were a sicilian band formed in the late 90's. Their music is a pure folk rock with some country influence and a bit of sicilian tradition. Take R.E.M., Sonic Youth and Husker Du, mix them together and you'll have one of the best album of the 90's. Each song is beautiful and catchy.Flordemal have made two more albums, one of them produced and played by Peter buck of R.E.M. Take this album also because you won't find it on the net. This is a vinyl rip made by myself. Have a good listen.


1 - Cover Of the Mind
2 - Tommy
3 - Just For You
4 - Mr,Thoughts
5 - A New Day
6 - We're Artists
7 - F.K.
8 - Sweet Tarantella
9 - Island
10 - She
11 - On
12 - Country Song


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