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Songwriter and pianist Anne Clark has been a cult figure since the early '80s and has amassed a rather sizable catalog despite her small but rabid following. She writes nearly-Gothic love songs full of obsession and pathos, and pretty orchestral settings with clever instrumental figures and stinging piano runs and minor-key epiphanies. She's a consummate artist, playing to her strengths while trying to subtly, but surely, extend her reach, and always following her own muse, even when it takes her into dissonant territory. Most of her albums are out of print even on CD, and sell for collector's prices when they can be found. This is too bad, because Clark has assembled a solid, if quirky, and passionately honest body of work. This best-of issued by Beehive is truly that. It features 24 tracks and clocks in at over 75 minutes. Many of these are Clark's most lovely songs, such as "The Sitting Room," "All Night Party" (with Vini Reilly of Durutti Column), the "12" remix" of "Our Darkness," and "The Last Emotion," as well as instrumental themes such as "Swimming" and "An Ordinary Life." Simply put, without being able to collect her singles or albums, this is as good as you can do without getting ripped off in the bargain. Anne Clark's best-of presents a wonderfully deep portrait of a complex and misunderstood artist who deserves far more in terms of the recognition she has thus far received. This is truly a beautiful collection by a great poet and composer.
As a personal note I can say only that this artis have been really underrates over the years and i still remember dancing "Sleeper In Metropolis" all night long in the 80's disco of my town.


1. The Sitting Room (2:24)
2. Swimming (1:40)
3. An Ordinary Life (2:35)
4. Shades (2:10)
5. Short Story (Party Mix) (1:53)
6. The Power Game (0:48)
7. All We Have To Be Thankful For (4:20)
8. Contact (2:00)
9. Sleeper In Metropolis (4:04)
10. Poem For A Nuclear Romance (2:48)
11. Wallies (4:10)
12. Lovers Audition (2:16)
13. Poets Turmoil No 364 (2:54)
14. Echoes Remain Forever (3:32)
15. All Night Party (4:15)
16. Pandoras Box (2:39)
17. Feel (3:57)
18. The Last Emotion (3:12)
19. Our Darknes (12" Remix) (6:19)
20. Nothing At All (2:29)
21. Weltschmerz (2:45)
22. Killing Time (2:32)
23. True Love Tales (5:04)
24. Self Destruct (4:51)


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