giovedì 4 febbraio 2010


Well, what can we say ? This is it! This is the beginning of the modern Synthpop.When this album came out in 1979 it was a real shock for the audience. Huma League were the first to introduce a perfect mixture between col electronic and pop, as Kraftwerk did a couple of years before.
Human League were the pioneers of the new romantic british movement and this album is a sort of manifesto of the possibilities of synthetizzers. By this album several band believed that electronic music could be an accessible kind of music for the people. It was not a war on guitars but moreover, it was the man controlling the machine.
Enjoy this awesome album!


1. Almost Medieval (4:34)
2. Circus Of Death (3:51)
3. The Path Of Least Resistance (3:27)
4. Blind Youth (3:16)
5. The Word Before Last (3:56)
6. Empire State Human (3:10)
7. Morale... You've Lost That Loving Feeling (9:30)
8. Austerity/ Girl One (Medley) (6:38)
9. Zero As A Limit (4:01)
10. Introducing (Instrumental) (3:13)
11. The Dignity Of Labour Part 1 (4:21)
12. The Dignity Of Labour Part 2 (2:46)
13. The Dignity Of Labour Part 3 (3:49)
14. The Dignity Of Labour Part 4 (3:49)
15. Flexi Disc (Instrumental) (4:08)
16. Being Boiled (Fast Version) (3:45)
17. Circus Of Death (Fast Version) (4:47)


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  1. Absolutely agree. I was sitting in a "new wavish" pub in Munich and it hit me like a shock: This was the music I had always waited for (having been a Kraftwerk fan since I heard Ruckzuck at the age of 11). This album and "Travelogue" definitely belong to the best pop (or slightly avant-pop) albums ever.