venerdì 20 novembre 2009


Hi Everybody.Sorry for the lack of updates in these last days but I've been very busy.
Anyway, this time here's some good rockabilly for you.The Boppin' Kids are an Italian band from Sicily and they've made two albums here collected in a single package.
Boppin' Kids became quite popular for a really good cover of Ed Cobb's Tainted Love.They mix rockabilly and psychobilly;I've had the luck to see them playing live for their 20 years reunion tour and they still rock.If you like energy and want to move your feet, this is the right sound for you. Have a good listen.


01 Fire in my Soul
02 Crazy Love
03 Don't You Make me Cry
04 Rebel Without a Cause
05 Something Else
06 Castle of Death
07 Tainted Love
08 Lonesome Train
09 Go Wild
10 In my Dreams
11 Love me Like a Stone
12 Little,Little Girl
13 Feel so Lonely
14 You Make me Smile
15 I Don't Know
16 You Don't Know
17 Do u Love me
18 This Love Story
19 She's a Rock'n'Rol Fanl
20 Horks
21 Invisible Life
22 Cry Little Woman
23 Baby Love me


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