sabato 28 novembre 2009


The Bridge is a mix of dark electro-pop songs underlined by repetitious sound patterns and punctuated by appliance noises . This is really old-school electronica from the post-punk age like they do not make it anymore .

Robert Rental and Thomas Leer were clearly pioneers of the genre and this album shows their art at its best . It is remniscent of others such as Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle , but in more melodic and also more electronic. Very hypnotic and beautiful. This is the cd version of the Bridge from 1992 on The Grey Area Of Mute Records (Bridge 1cd) , The original lp was on Industrial Records (IR 0007) in 1979 .


1 Attack Decay
2 Monochrome Day's
3 Day Breaks, Night Heals
4 Connotations
5 Fade Away
6 Interferon
7 Six A.M.
8 The Hard Way in & The Easy Way Out
9 Perpetual


4 commenti:

  1. A very interesting unknown album, thanks for sharing with us, I also like Robert Rental stuffs solo, the single "Double Heart" is nice.

  2. Mute is my favourite label.Got quite everything of the first Mute releases.

  3. One of the best albums of whole new wave movement - a blueprint for electronic music.

  4. Many thanks for sharing the Leer & Rental, 'The Bridge album, it must be twenty years since I last heard it and my gods, has it stood the test of time and in fact sounds far more contemporary than most of the records released at the time.
    I have a feeling that one day Robert Rental and Thomas Leer will be looked on in the same way we now look upon someone like Delia Derbyshire; as true pioneers in the evolving field of electronic music. It is a real tragedy that Robert Rental released so little apart from a couple of singles and the live album with Daniel Miller's 'The Normal' and more so that he died in 2000 from lung cancer....still far better to release a single truly iconic album than ten albums of mediocrity.

    I wish more blogs would keep their links live like you, there is nothing more fustrating than a record you have wanted to hear for years and a dead link!