giovedì 5 novembre 2009


If you like New Order you'll probably also like The Foxglove Hunt. They are definitely channeling Bernard Sumner and Co.; a couple of songs on this album sound like they were just lifted right off of Substance. As a big New Order fan, I'm fine with the imitation aspect of this CD.

Anyway, this is fun, feel-good music that will remind you of the mid 80s. The vocalist sounds a little like Joy Electric's vocalist, only not whiney. I found that interesting, because Ronnie Martin of Joy Electric is part of The Foxglove Hunt, but he isn't the vocalist.

1 A Concealed Weapon 03:42
2 Strength Early 03:46
3 Business Casual 02:44
4 The Life Highrise 04:44
5 The Mayflower Compact 02:22
6 It's Not Effective 04:01
7 That's Getting Personal 03:12
8 Love My Way 03:44
9 Don't I Know The Way 03:58
10 The Pure In Heart 04:21


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