martedì 8 dicembre 2009


A lot has been said about Fairlight Children� Maybe too much actually?! Cos expectations are high from this new project featuring Stephan Groth from Apoptygma Berzerk surrounded by two sexy girls, and the higher expectations are, the harder the fall can be. �808 Bit� is a minimal retro-lectro pop album full of old computer sounds, simple sequences, kitsch drum machine patterns and a mix of clear and vocoded vocals. I have the impression that our Norwegian musician must have had a lot of fun while working on this album. Fun� it�s exactly what you experience when listening to this record for the first time, but then I started doubting� HopingStephan Groth really made this album with humour and wanting us to take it at the second degree, otherwise it is nothing but a pure catastrophe! �Falling Out�, �Before You Came Along�, �Electropulse� or yet �808 Bit� are okay synth pop tracks, but the rest is more of a true experiment with early eighties sounds of Groth�s idols! And while speaking of heroes, we also get a cover of Soft Cell�s �Bedsitter� which is the only song close to Apop�s sound and which makes me think this one was initially written forApoptygma Berzerk and eventually ended up on this record per error? So it�s mixed feelings that I will give a rate of 6 to this record�


1. Electropulse
2. Before You Came Along
3. Falling Out
4. Invade My Heart Tonight
5. Windshield Wiper
6. 808 Bit
7. Bedsitter
8. New Age
9. Microhard
10. Big City Girl


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