sabato 19 dicembre 2009


In 2003 and 2004 Swedish sensations The Legends received world wide recognition with the hyped debut Up against the Legends. Now they return with an album, their first Australian release, bound to take the world by surprise. Public Radio echoes of the early 80’s and sounds futuristic at the same time, mixing influences from bands like New Order, Felt, Feelies and The Cure, but with a unique pop aesthetic to turn it into something utterly wonderful and new.
From the debut to today, The Legends have transformed from a 9-piece band to a one-man project. At least officially. The truth is that both Up against the Legends and Public Radio were recorded, written, played and produced by Johan Angergård (also member of Acid House Kings). Johan explains, "When I start recording an album I have a very clear idea of what I want to do and by doing everything myself the album comes out exactly the way I want it to. Involving other people might only blur the vision."
Yes, Johan is certainly an inspired gentleman. As a result Public Radio delivers a focussed Legends outlook on life, embracing a cohesively innovative approach that embarks on a musical turn a second.
The Legends happily list Television Personalities, Comet Gain, Motown and C-86 as inspirations to their sound, but it’d be hard to ignore the significant nod to Manchester, circa 1983, that Angergard embeds in his songwriting today. It’s all tracked here on Public Radio, a major development for the band. Accomplished, timeless, and somehow simultaneously personal and detached, a stellar effort from the new generation of musical masterminds.
What critics said about The Legends’ debut album Up Against The Legends. . .
“Who The Legends are is so much less important than what their debut is: a solid, surprising album whose rewards are commensurate with the time you spend with it.” (Pitchfork)
“Every song on Up Against Legends is a potential single, and perhaps more importantly, every song on Up Against Legends is a unique creation from the lo-fi “Just Like Honey”-esque “Your Song” to the (almost too) impeccably produced “When the Day is Done”, from the distorted squeals and sonic abuse of “Breaking Time Breaking Lines”, to the acoustic driven Brit-pop of “The Kids Just Wanna Have Fun”. (Stylus)

Track Listing:
1. Today
2. Hide Away
3. People Like Us
4. You’re Alive
5. Air
6. He Knows The Sun
7. Something Good
8. I Want To Be Like Everybody Else
9. Heaven Will Wait
10. So Much For Tomorrow
11. These Old Hearts Of Ours
12. Do You Remember Riley?


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